The story begins a few years ago with one of my regular trips to my local library, a place that I love to go to for some peace, contemplation and always an interesting choice of reading material.  I chose a book  as a bit of light reading for the following week or two.  The whole story of ’30 Something and Over It’ resonated with me and from then on, as the title suggests, it was time for a change. To what though? That was the question to which I didn’t know the answer.  After working as a teacher for over 15 years, there didn’t seem to be another obvious path that I was enthusiastic about.

I would often read in magazines, about women who had started up their own businesses, making party bags from their garden studios; or cupcakes from their kitchen tables. I can do something like that, I thought.  Over the years I have learned and developed many skills;  I am creative, handy with a sewing machine, often making clothes and soft furnishings for the home.  I could start a sewing business…  So, off I went to enroll on a start-up business course to find out more.

Fast-forwarding a year or two; business course competed and now with a small child in tow and a short career break ahead. I became fully aware that this could be my time to make a change.

Soon enough, The Library came to my rescue again.  This time in the form of ‘What Color is Your Parachute’.  To be honest, I wasn’t sure what I was going to get out of this; but, as is the brilliant thing about libraries, I thought, if its not great, it doesn’t really matter, I can always just return it.  So, ready for a week away, I left the library wondering ‘What colour is my parachute?’

After completing the tasks in the book, one of which invites you to write seven stories about periods in your life that you have enjoyed; along came my ‘aha’ moment.

From one of my favourite books, given to me on my 21st birthday by my university friend Anne-Marie. Thank you.

To share my enthusiasm for creativity and living an active, well-balanced life.

I believe in living each day fully; a life that is meaningful, well-balanced and filled with learning.  Friends and colleagues often ask, “How do you fit it all in?” “Where do you find the time..”  From this, I found the title of my blog and I hope to share in this, some tips, suggestions and helpful hints that I believe create a well-balanced and beautiful life.

I consider myself to wear many hats in life; a wife, a mum, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a
confidant, a teacher, a hen-keeper, a dog owner…

I want to get as much out of life as possible, I love making things and seeing something grow, I enjoy creating things. Mostly from my sewing machine, something to wear or to decorate the home.  When I am not doing either of those I love being out in the fresh air, walking with my dogs, taking care of my hens or running and cycling around the streets and countryside of Hertfordshire.

I have realised over the years, and especially now balancing work, juggling family life and pets; that  you need to be organised and self-disciplined to fit everything in.    I would love this blog to be a place for people to share and to encourage others to get the most out of life because I truly believe that  ‘There Is A Time For Everything’.