Kindness and Appreciation

As I sat one morning last week with my coffee listening to the Today programme on Radio 4, my eyes rolled inwardly as I heard the beginning of Thought For the Day begin with a valentine message.  As a society, in Britain, we now seem to be racing through life by moving from one  festival / celebration to another, each, seemingly becoming more and more commercialsed;  not really taking the time to think about the meaning of each said celebration apart from what to purchase.  My ears pricked up, however, as I heard the ‘Thought’ continue with the history and significance of St Valentine and his message.  Francis Campbell continues with the question most of us think of quite often, What is love? She continues:

“Love in the Christian scriptures is not founded on reciprocity. Leviticus asks us to: “Love one another as yourself.” It is not to love one another because others have loved you, but to love others as you desire to be loved; to treat others as you want to be treated regardless of whether that is how they actually are treating you.  

St Valentine’s Day is a reminder to us that each day, and in each human encounter we have the human capacity to exchange the biggest gift of all, to ourselves, and to the other we encounter, and that is the gift of unconditional love.”

I talked with hubsband about this thought as went out later in the day and we decided to try and be more appreciative of each other in our everyday lives.  To show more kindness in our words.  Many of us can be quick to criticise; slower to appreciate the goodness and kindness of others.

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