Not a Tame Lion – Winter without Christmas

I returned home revived earlier this week after my second session of the Hilary Brand Lent Not a Tame LionCourse – Not a Tame Lion.  Based on the works of C S Lewis and the films Shadowlands, The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and Prince Caspian, it explores different topics each session:

  1. Living in the shadows
  2. Living with the beyond
  3. Living with the unexplained
  4. Living with what we’ve been given
  5. Living with absence


    Each year I find this period, the end of winter, spring just around the corner, an exciting one.  A new beginning,  tiny seedlings popping their heads through the soil. Yet the first question posed to us in the Lent course was, Life in Narnia, how would you feel with winter without Christmas?

He's not a tame Lion.:


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