The Beginning… what is a balanced diet?

After overhearing a conversation today at work in the kitchen that you shouldn’t eat brown bananas. I thought, really?!! These fad diets and snippets of information that are passed to others during morning breaks for coffee and biscuits are endlessly demoralising for some and tiring for others. I fall into the latter category and hence one of the reasons for my blog.  Every time I hear another diet talk or someone paying £5 to visit a slimming club, I think, why has it some to this?….

And when someone recently asked me about my diet, I thought, i have a good diet….as my mum would say, everything in moderation.  I am, I must admit no trained expert, but with a slim build and a healthy lifestyle I would like to share some of my personal guidelines…

  1. Eat as much fruit and vegetables as you can manage, more vegetables than fruit is better. Try to hit that 5 a day target
  2. Eat wholemeal and wholegrain where possible
  3. Eat seasonal and fresh ingredients, fresh and crunchy as hubsband would say
  4.  Drink lots of water
  5. Limit your caffeine intake to 2 -3 cups a day
  6. Have a balance of fish, meat and vegetarian meals each week.
  7. Limit your portion size.
  8. Eat at least 3 meals a day, especially breakfast with 1 or 2 snacks in between
  9. Don’t drink too much alcohol or sugary drinks
  10. Have treat night once a week. Take turns to choose the treat… children included….
  11. Eat everything in moderation.

Warm halloumi salad with radish and apple

This was a lovely recipe, taken from the BBC Good Food Vegetarian Magazine (2010)

I did adapt it as I didn’t have all of the ingredients.  I used lemons instead of the limes and roasted some almonds.

I also don’t really agree with the serving number as i made this for hubsband and sonny and myself and it was quite adequate.  I’m not sure it would stretch to 8, unless as a starter, or light snack….



Warm halloumi salad with apples, radish and roasted almonds